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Originally Posted by FordCustSrvc View Post
Hello members,

2013 order banks closed on 10/31/12 and all final orders were due to the plant on 11/1/12. They were open for a whole year. Regarding the order banks for the 2014s, they should be opening soon. Keep in touch with your dealers for this info. They won’t start building until the middle or end of the first quarter of the year though. I hope this helps.

The original Ford material said mid-November for the opening of the order banks. Two dealers have told me mid-Jan. Also that the 2014 will be a short run in order for a 2014-1/2 50th anniversary (which will actually be the 2015). Any word on whether this is BS or not?

Looking forward to ordering a 2014 - my 2000 is getting a bit old now. Want to get the last of the live axles while I still can.


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