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I've done this for years, on a car like this all seasons are really good at nothing. Summer tires are good in the summer and the winter snows are really good for the snow.

All seasons are really good on a Ford Flex with AWD or a Suburban with on demand 4x4. It works there, they are not performance cars, well the Flex might be with the Ecoboost, but I digress.

If you are going to run a rear wheel drive coupe or four door performance car with a lot of horsepower, get the snow set.

Answer this question. Which works better in the snow, my Jeep TJ on 33" muds locked and loaded on all fours, or my Mustang with snow tires?

I'll pick the Mustang with snows all day long on packed snow or ice.

With two feet of snow, I'll make sure the lockers are off and clear it all with the jeep. My Jeep is squirrlly on the mud tires and pretty unpredictable, but in deep stuff it rocks. Snow tires on a rear wheel drive car are very predictable on packed snow and ice, much more so than a lifted and locked jeep on muds.

That said, when it gets bad, I will drive the Suburban 2500. 6000lbs plus and we are all good with 4wd, I can tow them both home on the trailer on my 60,000 mile all seasons. ;-)
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