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Originally Posted by 5LITER_MUENSTER View Post
Do any of you have 2013 manual with procal? Mine made my car thump excessively whenever I hit the throttle while in 6th gear cruising, but other than that, I got the pinging that sound like my heat shield crumpling into pieces in 2nd gear around 2-4k rpm. I wish I could say the same as most of you guys but with this weird experience I ended up taking mine off after 3 days I don't think anyone would enjoy their ride when their drivetrain feel like is loose every time you hit the throttle.

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The tune might be making an existing problem more apparent. Maybe there is a an issue with some play somewhere in your drivetrain that this tune is exploiting due to the increased throttle response and torque at lower RPM. Can you replicate it at all on the stock tune?

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