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I was at a Ford dealer checking on ordering a 2014 GT500 and the word from the general manager was… this is all rumor but, the 14 is going to be a short production year due to the 2014 coming out for the 50th anniversary… So I put the 14 GT500 on hold to see if Ford might do something special for the Mustangs 50th...
Every Mustang is an early model year(March) production car so it really doesn't make sense to call it a 1/2 model year. A 2014 is a 2014, and a 2015 is a 2015. They will arive in dealers around the same time as the 2011's and 2012s. Shelbys traditionally come out the summer of that model year.

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I miss my Stang so much, Peter. It hurts.
If you are buying the Popeyes I will gladly hand you the keys to my 5.0.

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I know it makes me a terrible person, but I'm super interested in a Fiesta ST.

Not even. There is a hardcore racer over on S197forum who picked up an ST for a DD and he absolutely loves it. I believe it was Livernois who put out a tune with something like 265whp and 320+wtq. Not to shabby.

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