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But what I wanted to ask is how do you like the GT500 valence with the quad tips?? When I bought my car I wasn't going to do exhaust until a kit came out that would make it so my car could have the 2013 GT500axle back, but I got antzy and purchased the 2010-2012 GT500 axle backs. About two weeks after I put them on, I found the GT500 kit.... So..... Do you like it? Does it sound different than the 2010-2012? How hard was it to cut the bumper? Was install a breeze or tough?[/quote]


The quad tips really changes the look of the GT.....and it sounds great...I'll will said that better than a boss....
the installation is easy, once you remove the bumper, it has the marks were to cut... an air or electric jig saw and done!

BTW not to many owners track their "track pack" based on the answers to my question....

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6 piston front Brembos, GT350R steering wheel

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