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Originally Posted by Grimace427 View Post
Every Mustang is an early model year(March) production car so it really doesn't make sense to call it a 1/2 model year. A 2014 is a 2014, and a 2015 is a 2015. They will arive in dealers around the same time as the 2011's and 2012s. Shelbys traditionally come out the summer of that model year.
I was told the 14’s will start being delivered in January not March , he already has two 14 GT’s on order and slated for January delivery not March and this is why he thinks it will be a short production run of 14's to make room for the
14 … Could he be full of BS, maybe… The only reason I would think so...
I have not seen anything as far as production dates and/or model options for a 14 … We will just have to wait and see if there is a mid-year production like the 64 that sold 22000 cars its first day of release to public sale…

I don't speak often but when I do, I don't have clue what I am talking about. I just repeat things that I once heard and do not repeat them correctly... My doctor told me it was an ID 10 T problem and it was incurable.
So when I reply to a post or add to a thread I just find the words elsewhere and copy and paste.
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