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2011 GT w/ magnaflow competition cat-back HELP !

I just picked up a 2011 GT Premium with 8K on it. When I test drove the car around town, I kind of beat on it and kept the revs high and it sounded GRRRREEAAAAATTTTT. unfortunately the night I took it home on the highway I realized it was fun for about 5 minutes, then the mind numbing drone followed by head-ache and sore ear drums, between 1,800 and 2,200 rpms and 65 mph highway speeds, lets not even talk about going up long hills in 6th gear,,, UGH ! long story longer, I climbed under the car and determined the previous owner put the magnaflow competition cat-back system on it. I called magnaflow for some help, all they said was they dont sell the street series muffles by themselves and they recommended I weld on some stainless universals.

I put an add in the classifieds to see if someone who had the street series mufflers wanted to go more aggressive and trade for the comps, but no dice.

I read the entire thread on the 1/4 wave attenuators and its sounded promising, but after looking under the car again, there doesnt seem to be any room for 2 25" pipes to be " T 'd " into the runners between the Cat and mufflers.

So I am undecided whether to spend 700 on the street series axle back and try and sell my comp series axle back, buy 2 magnaflow stainless universals for ~250.00 and have them welded on w/ new tail pipes. Will the street series knock down the drone to a bearable level ? would the universals be the way to go. I like aggressive but do 90 % highway driving and the drone is driving me :kooky:

I love the car but its driving me crazy...

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