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Originally Posted by YerBuddysPony View Post
I guess it's time for me to take a break from this forum. It's gone way down hill. It's my opinion that there are very few real Mustang guys left here. Looks more and more like some import forum every day. Sad...really, really sad.
In all fairness, most of the people came from audi, bmw, mercedes etc. I know you had an m3 aswell. Ford finally seemed to have done it right from these outsider's perspectives, so it got these foreign buyers interested in the car and they took the plunge. Once they had the car they realized they missed this or that from car x or y. That a or b was a problem, and they were not happy with c and d (using random variables here). These people are not previous Mustang customers.

So yes, you are right, there are very few Mustang guys on here. Most of the people on here are bandwagoners who have jumped on the Mustang wagon because Ford was finally able to market a product which would appeal to prospective buyers.

Just wait till the 2015 comes out (which is guaranteed to look like a half asian / half european conjunction) as it will attract even more import guys. Thats the idea though, get as many people to switch over and to buy Ford. As time goes on there will be less and less true "Mustang guys". Mark my words. Its no longer about appealing to previous clients, its about attracting new ones.

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