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Originally Posted by Elite_Deforce View Post
Rattle is definitely not normal on these cars. After having my LCA's replaced, my car rattles ZERO. The only problem I have is my aftermarket speakers which I didn't screw in tight enough (putting that off). Maybe a IMPROPERLY installed intake might rattle, but that's very maybe.

Please stop giving the OP false info.

OP - Take it to another dealer. That one is obviously too lazy to actually take care of it. Also, having your car there for 3 weeks is excessive.
Ummm I'm absolutely not giving the OP false information . There have been a number of people who have mentioned or complained about rattles on this site. As far as the intake goes, the installation is not a problem as my particular rattle is coming from inside the dashboard. It has become more pronounced since I added the intake but this is likely because of the increased sound. The rattle doesn't bother me enough to bring my car in to the dealer so I just live with it. Loose or even missfitting panels aren't rare in mass produced cars and are likely the cause of the problem.

We can agree on one thing though, 3 weeks is excessive for a diagnosis.
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