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Originally Posted by Bobby B View Post
The Mustang would be a far better car with simple additions such as:
1. Heated mirrors. It really annoys me that I need to manually defrost the mirrors especially when ther's precipitation;
2. Glove box LED lights;
3. Trunk lights (2) on the deck lid;
4. Sun visor that blocks the windshield behind the rear-view mirror;
5. Transitional glass rear window that darkens when subjected to the ultraviolet sun light;
6. More durable driver's floor mat;
7. Lower body moldings to match the body color;
8. Wheels with an avant guard accent color;
9. Tilting head rests;
10. Side and rear proximity warning devices;
11. Turn signal audio tone with adjustable volume;
12. Transparent Mustang Pony in the front grill illuminated by My Color LEDs;
13. More accessible USB port with a miniature flash drive;
14. Built-in front looking video recorder;
15. Bright color brake calipers.
1. I have them.
2. A simple light would have been nice, but no biggie.
3. Simple LED strip soldered into the light Placed to the rear between the speakers works great, the angle of the trunk lid when open would make lights on it worthless.
4. No biggie.
5. Mine does get darker, but tinting the back window helped a lot.
6. All weather Floor mats from the dealer.
7. Fixed with the 2013.
8. Nope
9. Got them in 2013.
10. Security Package, been out for a couple of years has the rear, you want the side or front can be added, but my car came with Mirrors.
11. Leave it on long enough, it will make a noise.
12. Illegal if not in white or Amber light, so why?
13. I can find mine OK, it is not a PC so the need for more than 2 is a moot point
14. Go Pro makes them.
15. Silver is not bright enough.
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