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Originally Posted by Allez Rouge View Post
LOL. The simple fact that a Mustang enthusiast would like to be able to see what's in his glove box when he opens it at night means he's not a true Mustang enthusiast. Got it ...

Sure, some of these suggestions are over the top, and perhaps even inappropriate for a car of the Mustang's character. But a lot of them are included as a matter of course on $15,000 econoboxes. They're things buyers have come to expect in today's market. It's not asking too much for even a performance car like the Mustang to have them, too.
I understand where you are coming from. In all fairness, Ford could have easily done these things. They obviously choose not to. Its not like they look at some of these ideas and shake their head in awe at how profound and ground breaking they are.

If you want raw performance, and arent going to whine about USB slot locations and interior light out put sources, then you buy a Mustang.

If you want LED lights in your glove box you should have bought a Mercedes.

Too many people these days are not focused on the driving experience itself, instead they are more concerned with crap like satellite radio and cell phones audio connectivity.

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