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To each her (or his!) own. For me it was the shift knob. The stock one just doesn't feel, or in my opinion look like a muscle car shifter. The exhaust came next, which was GT500's. They sound fantastic. If you are a muscle car girl, you should probably think about the exhaust as one of your first mods. The sound really makes driving more fun! I just got back from a post Thanksgiving 40 mile drive with the windows down

I'm lowering mine next week with Steeda Ultralite springs. Just keep in mind that when you lower you'll need additional equipment besides just springs to keep the front and rear end in alignment! Adjustable panhard bar for the rear and at a minimum camber bolts for the front. Supposedly the upper strut mounts self-destruct when they are removed, so some new strut mounts would probably be wise too.

Enjoy the new car!

PS. The vendors I linked are the ones with the best deals currently I believe. Steeda is offering 20% off all purchases for Black Friday and Late Model Restoration has the best prices on the strut mounts and GT500 exhaust right now!

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