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Originally Posted by Stang_chick808 View Post
Didnt really think about an exhaust yet. Is that a loud exhaust? The cops in my area are pretty anal about loud cars. not sure if thats a great idea but we'll see what happens. Do you have a video clip of your car with that exhaust?
I have the full borla atak Catback which is their after car x over axle pipes and atak mufflers. It has an amazing sound with zero drone. It is only loud when you make it. While cruising along on the highway it is mellow, push the pedal down it screams to life. It is also the most loud of the three borla setups, but I don't believe obnoxious. The s type seems to be a deeper burble while the atak has a more refined yet slightly louder sound. Hope that helps.
I do have a video clip of when I remote started it, it is just a clip from my iPhone. Ill have to see if I can put it somewhere other then FAcebook.
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