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Originally Posted by powerhogger View Post
Patiently waiting on American muscle. Hopefully they don't fall through like others have
Originally Posted by mikemanmike View Post
C'moooon, AM. I'd like to look into getting some axlebacks from them if their deals are enticing enough.
Me too.

Looking for GT500 axelbacks and FR500 17 x 9 rims. All I need to see is a good price, and my right hand will lose all control functions as the mouse will be going nuts on their website.

Ford Racing Mustang GT500 Style Axle-Back (2011-2013 GT) M-5230-MGTCA1 - Free Shipping!

Black Machined FR500 Wheels (2010-2013) at - Free Shipping!

Maybe even this if the price is right.

Ford Racing Power Pack (11-13 GT) M-FR1-MGTB - Free Shipping!

Since AM seems to be one of the last kids on the block, or even the middle of the kids on the block to get their specials up, I can't help but wonder how much sales they've lost.
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