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Originally Posted by ChiZ_65 View Post
Everyone is giving some descent advice so far. For me, I went with looks and sound for my first mods. I lowered the car and added larger/wider wheels and tires. I highly recommend the Eibach Pro Springs for when you lower. The whole suspension kit is NOT necessary unless you plan on racing or putting a lot of strain on the car (drove my friends 2012 with the full Eibach Pro kit with shocks/struts, sway bars, etc.. and it felt exactly the same as mine under normal conditions). Since I don't track my car, I won't waste my money on the rest of the kit. And I don't think an adjustable panhard bar is necessary if you just do the springs. I asked Galpin Auto Sports if they needed to add one when they dropped my car and they said no. And I wasn't charged for one. Car sits perfectly aligned and aggressive with no issues. So...

Lots of people like the GT500 axlebacks. And with all the Black Friday deals you can get them insanely cheap right now. Best thing is to go to Youtube and check out all the different exhausts available to see what sound you like. I personally prefer and went with Bassani. Check out this thread

I recommend tinting your windows (will help with those Alabama summers). Plus, it makes our Candy red look sick! Also, get rid of the radio antenna and put a mini one on there. Looks way better and is under $20. Check out the marketplace on here and visit some of the vendors pages like ...You'll hit that $1500 limit in no time.
Are the gt500's that good? I was thinking about going with the pype bombs since they seem much lighter but it seems everyone is on the gt500 bandwagon

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