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Originally Posted by YerBuddysPony View Post
Sure, in the early 70's, when I bought my first "muscle car," most of us would have loved to enjoy the little comforts we have now. That's not the point I was intending to make.

It's not the little "creature comforts," or lack there of, which I was referring. It's the fact that it's whined about on an "enthusiast" forum. It's this type of thread that gets to me; along with the mentality. This one is almost as bad as the "help me pick a color" threads IMO.
I totally agree. In my case its not that I don´t like all these useless creature comforts (well I do hate LED lights in ALL cars, especially the Audi style little LEDs in their headlamps) but for a Mustang, fine if they have them, totally not needed or missed if they don´t have them.

I have a V60 Volvo with all those "new" useless things, and in the end, I can´t wait til the weekend to drive my 03 Mustang GT which has nothing but power windows as far as creature comforts. The stereo started failing, so I just drive without the stereo on, and I looove to listen to my 4.6 rumble!

To me as long as its fun to drive, and its a Mustang with a V8, I could roll windows, have halogen headlamps, cloth interiors, etc...

You can keep the LEDs and even the xenon headlamps, I actually prefer the 10-12 regular halogens than the xenons...

PS I´m a 39 y/o "grey haired"...

A Mustang must have: BROOOOM BROOOOM...

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