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Originally Posted by burke985 View Post
So the time has come to start putting together whats going in. Im not a guy who drives around on a track in circles so i really do not need anything that is going to benefit me on a road course, Im a straight line kinda guy so my suspension will be concentrated on putting power down to the pavement. Maybe one day ill consider full replacement on everything but as for now i wanna go fast in a straight line first. I listed below what im wanting to go with, I already have a set of Roush Billet LCA's cause i got a good deal on them so i bought them. Any advice from you guys that know alot more than me would be greatly appreciated. If i'm missing something that i need id like to know also, not sure if camber bolts and Strut mounts are needed with this strut. Not sure if upper control arm are needed because ive never had wheel hop to date .was gonna get the eibach pro-kit but have sense changed my mind.Thanks in advance

Shocks & Struts:
Steeda 2005-13 Mustang Pro-Action Shocks and Struts

Panhard Bar:
Steeda 2005-13 Mustang Adjustable Panhard Bar - Made in the USA 555-2551

Steeda 2005-13 Mustang Sport Springs - Made in the USA 555-8216

Adjustable LCA Bracket:
Steeda 2005-13 Mustang Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets - Made in the USA 555-8119
Originally Posted by burke985 View Post
Just pulled the trigger on all the parts and i did add the HD Strut Mounts. Got a great price on everything with the black friday discount of 20 percent . Got everything for a total of 1098.00. Man im so happy i waited a little longer cause i really wanted steeda parts not Eibach. So excited i feel like a little kid who just got a new playstation 3. The Parts probably wont be here before i leave to go to work on monday so it will be a few weeks before i can get them installed but im counting down the days. With the discount i basically got the Strut mounts for 75 bucks, cant beat that...thanks Steeda for the sale and the great customer service when i called

I'm sure you will like the Steeda setup. For anyone else who runs across this thread in the future, for a straightline guy like burke, we actually recommend these Strange Engineering 10-way adjustable shocks & struts. They work REALLY WELL on the dragstrip, and they can be stiffened up for good handling on the street.

2005-2012 Ford Mustang Strange 10 Way Adjustable Shock S6008LM - UPR Products

2005-2010 Ford Mustang Strange 10 Way Adjustable Strut S6009LM - UPR Products

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