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Xarius, pinging will sound like your heat shield crumbling and its metallic sounding. think of bunch of little rice made of hard metal being shaken very hard in a can. You will know if it happens. It will happen quick and go away quick.

And just as you explained, when I get that thunk it almost feel like something is "loose" but I think it simply could be described as drivetrain slop, or when some cars have more slack in the rear differential than it should. Maybe something changed in the 2013 manual tune? The reason why I say this is because everyone that I know with 2013 manual with procal been noticing this clunk, thunk, shunt, drivetrain slop, tip in clunk or whatever one wants to call it on throttle one way or the other lol. Guys with pre 2013 seem to be fine with no clunks. I don't see anyone mention anything about it. I also believe this clunk might be worst for some and faint for others. For me, it's very annoying and it only happens in 6th gear when I hit the throttle after coming off the throttle. With no procal it's perfectly smooth. I can't tell that I have any more slack than I should in the drivetrain for me to think a more aggressive throttle strategy could make the clunk more pronounced. It's just not there stock at all.

Could you please keep me posted how your clunk hold up xarious.

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