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Originally Posted by xarius View Post
I had the procal tune installed on my 2013 GT 6M today at a local dealership. So far, it's fantastic. I've run a few pulls from 0 to 80 and it just flat out goes. The low end torque increase really is impressive. I don't hear any unusual sounds or pinging, however I did notice the "clunk" that 5LITER_MUENSTER mentioned, but it's nothing I haven't felt in other cars that have fast RPM drops/engine braking. For me it happens more in 4th, but I was able to duplicate it on a downhill slope in 6th by gently tapping on the gas and releasing. It basically feels like my old 93 GT 5M -- the drive train was just a little "loose" feeling if you goosed the accelerator and let off under the right conditions.

So what would this "pinging" sound like in-car? Obviously the name implies it sounds like "ping", but I'm curious so I can listen out for it.

I really like(d) my ProCal tune also. The low-end torque, especially, is amazing. I had a '93 5.0 5M too (mine was a Hatch) and the ProCal felt like my old "drive line" too - a little "slop" on throttle press/release - but nothing exaggerated, like described.

In my case, I couldn't get the "ping" to go away. I tried 'octane adjust' N (preferred, more agressive) and Y (more docile) - all it did was make it a little less pronounced. It wasn't bad, but it would usually occur around 4000rpm and go away, as I increased to redline. Then it started happening beginning at 4k RPM, and might come back in a little bit somewhere between 4k RPM and redline.
It was very variable - sometimes a little bit at 4k RPM and that was it. Other times once more, twice more, etc. to redline.

The deciding factor, was putting a fairly good quality NOS Octane Boost for 1 tankful. The NOS product is about "middle of the pack" of the manufacturers who make it, so should have noticed some change. I didn't. Same "ping." So it doesn't seem related to the octane amount in the fuel, at all.

At that point, I pulled the K&N and the ProCal. I'm stock now. Believe me, if you 'ping' - you'll know. Like "BBs in a can" sound. Mine was slight, but there - and repeatable. But it varied a lot from 4k RPM, on up.

Funny thing is, I ran a '72 Mach I that had been refitted with a pushrod 5.0 (like our Fox's) and some mods, today. This motor must be getting more broken in as I'm passing 9600 miles, because he was pulling away from me slightly (he had a 5M) because my Pilot Sport AS Pluses wouldn't hook much at all thru 2nd/3rd gears (we went from a roll, with me in 2nd)! Finally, when I hit 4th, they grabbed - and I took him "real sudden-like!" He said when he was half-way thru 3rd and I was blasting by, he knew he was in trouble.

Car's running fine without any tune at all - I kinda' miss it, but I just don't think my car 'likes' it. Those whose cars do - enjoy it!

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