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Quick question about track prep for the quarter mile

To be honest, at my age (58) and working for the local electric utility company and driving a company truck, I basically drive a bit aggressive, but I really baby the car on the street.

To set up my question, let me take a quick trip back to 2005. I had a 2005 auto LS2 GTO and a good friend who also knew a lot about cars had me pull one of the fuses as a part of preparing my car to run the quarter. His reason was that the car had a 'memory' of how the car had been driven, and since I was going from driving like an old lady to running balls to the wall, I needed to reset the 'memory' of the car and by pulling one of the fuses, this would reset the 'memory'.

Being new to the Ford family, I was just wondering if the 2013 Mustang GT manual had some sort of 'memory' in the same context of my old GTO? When you guys go to the track, is there any prep you do in this context?

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