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Originally Posted by old_goat View Post
I've already gotten some goodies to be installed (, however it seems I've gotten some great buys on a couple of items that I would like some opinions on.

First of all will be the FR500 axle backs, which is a given, discussion not really needed.
Ford Racing Mustang GT500 Style Axle-Back (2011-2013 GT) M-5230-MGTCA1 - Free Shipping!

Next comes the things I really need some opinions on.
SCT flash tuner 3015. I know it's not Bama, Steeda, or AED, but from what I understand this tune is fine as is, maybe a couple of hp less than the named tunes, but is a bit more conservative.
SCT Performance - SCT SF3 Power Flash Ford Programmer**Part Number: 3015

AIRRAID cai, model 451-264
2011-12 Mustang 5.0L AirRaid Synthamax Cold Air Intake Kit
Any opinions on how to block out the possibility of any water leakage on a 2013 hood appreciated.

Any and all qualified opinions wanted and appreciated. I really want to see if there is something out there about these 2 things that I may have missed as I've tried to do my searches and homework. As far as price goes, through a dealer I'm buddies with, the prices are on par with other black Friday purchases or a bit better. All of these parts are brand new.

My goal is to get deep into the low 12's with these mods and some 17" drag radials. At this point, none of these goodies listed are on the car, the car is still completely and totally bone stock.

Car is 2013 Mustang GT,non premium, manual with 3.73 gears. Non brembo package.
Originally Posted by old_goat View Post
After talking to a man I trust and respect from the G8 forums and currently a man who has a fine 5.0, I've decided to take the safe route and go with procal, filter, and GT500 axelbacks. GeorgeInNePa knows his stuff about cars, so he had a lot of influence with this decision.

My car is <3 months old and has <2,000 miles, I need more break in time and time to get any problems that may come up to come up. I will probably head this direction next year, but at this point getting a few less HP from a procal is more important than messing with the warranty.

Thanks to those who replied, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I'll take a chance with the MGW, lower control arms, and line lock, along with the procal, filter, and GT500 mufflers. That should hold me for a year or so.
I'm glad to hear our fellow forums members have been able to give you some advice. You'll be fine with the pro-cal if you only plan on doing an Axle Back and Filter! If you're looking at the long run, the SCT device may be your best bet. Mainly because we will write you an entirely custom tune from the ground up and anytime you add a new modification we will send you a revised file!

I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any assistance! Keep in mind we also price match, so if you find any of these items cheaper somewhere else we'd gladly match it! Our Mustang Experts are here Monday-Friday from 9AM-9PM EST and Saturdays from 9AM-5:30PM EST. If you want to hit them up, their number is 866.727.1266. I can also have one of them call you directly.


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