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Originally Posted by OkieHick View Post
I'm new to this forum, but have been active in several car forums over the past 10 years. So I know what "goes down" in these groups. 99% of it is good stuff.
I know there are threads in this forum about the subject title, but I cannot find them. So here goes. Sorry if all this is old stuff.
Last week I had the LCA bushings replaced in my 2012 V6 Premium in order to stop the knocking. It didn't. Yesterday I replaced the driver side swaybar link. Still knocks. I've heard a lot about the strut mounts being bad in these cars. Is this the next thing to replace?
Welcome to the forum, OkieHick! My name is Deysha from Ford Service. I recommend you make another appointment with your dealer for diagnosis as soon as possible. Then, PM me with your VIN, dealer, mileage, full name, and best daytime number so I can get this escalated to the customer service manager for your area.

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