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Originally Posted by JohnRichard View Post
A person on the Boss 302 forum removed the back seats, nuts bolts you name it and weighed it... total weight was like 36 pounds...
I'd love to see that link. I only popped the seats out to re-cover them so didn't put 'em on a scale or anything but that's pretty shocking since it felt like there was nothing there.
Regardless, after installing a delete and then the X Brace I can't imagine there's much savings in that dept..
That being said if you really like that look then go for it. It's your car. I did it on my '88 and had a cage to work around so it was a total hassle but the cage made the back seat unusable anyway.
I think this is one of those things where guys who have gone through the "I really want a race car for the street" and learned that it rarely ends well are just trying to help out. After awhile the deleting of comfort creatures and functionality add up and you may end up regretting all the extra cash that could've been better spent.
BUT...once again it is your car and the beauty of the Mustang platform is it's a good one to make it your own!
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