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Originally Posted by moto111 View Post
Well in march I plan on getting used 2011 5.0 and was wondering can you have them put on a sc at dealer and tack it on price otd? I was just thinking I have 12k putting down and I could finance more if I could get a sc from them. Is this a bad idea anyone have any thoughts thanks. Only reason I ask is I don't have much expletive with this sort of stuff
Yes that is possible. For example one of the dealers we use will finance a supercharger and have us install it so it is ready for when the customer picks it up. They have done it on used and new Mustangs. Sometimes we install them on the car before they are sold and it just gets wrapped into the price. They are near IL about 1.5 hours or less from Chicago. PM me if you want a contact name and number.
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