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Originally Posted by jdnull68 View Post
Ain't they great?! Thanks again, Dan! Maybe you guys can put everything I've ordered from this past weekend in shipment all at the same time, instead of 3 different shipping orders. I would still like to know if I can use a discount on everything else I bought this weekend. I guess I was just too excited about buying my "baby" new X-mas gifts that I forgot to get a code in advance!

Let me know your order number and I'll hook you up with a 6% store credit for the orders you just placed. Shoot me over a PM once you get a chance!

Also, we always try to ship out orders the same day if they're placed before 5pm EST. So, chances are your orders went out immediately, but they will all arrive at the same time or one day apart anyways. You should be good to go once I credit you the forum discount code, then!

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you, too.


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