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Originally Posted by jdnull68 View Post
Now, just FYI, I just happened to be looking at Heartthrob's website the other day, and they have a video saying that their h-pipe catback gained something like 21 HP over stock, while the x only gained something like 6 HP over stock. Granted, you have to take everything with a grain of salt, but I was really surprised that I had never heard that claim before. Most folks I know run an x, thinking it makes marginally more power at peak. Well, if Heartthrob's CEO says his H makes more power, I'm gonna believe it. Even if it's 1/2 the difference he says it is. So today I called Heartthrob, explained my setup, and ordered an h-pipe (only). For a whopping 75 bucks! Even a 10

Yeah you really can't take that video seriously. I've seen it too. He claims an additional 12RWHP just using his axle back as well. Everyone knows that's bull and you don't get jack squat from replacing axle backs. A change in atmospheric temperature could make that type of deviation run for run.
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