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Originally Posted by Ponyboy4 View Post
Well i want to know how to do it right. Thats why I'm asking here. I know that RMS power is what i need to be looking at, thats all that really matters.
What else? Will the 400W RMS subs be loud as hell all the time? Because i dont want that, i want good, healthy bass for my music, because the 5x7 speakers in these cars just cant deliver that. On occasion though, i would like to be able to turn them up and get a little loud.

I have narrowed my choice between one of these two subs, and i will get a pair of the ones i decide on. Which do you guys suggest for what I am wanting from them?

Kicker 10C104 (10C10-4) 10" Single 4 ohm Comp Car Subwoofer

Kicker 07CVR104 (07CVR10-4) 10" Dual 4 ohm CompVR Car Subwoofer
and cvr's have the capability of being loud but its all in the tuning of the amp/ deck settings as well at the box you use and wiring. if you want it to add some sound it can, if u want it to rattle your car it can. its all up to you. and personally i would choose the dual 4 ohm.

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