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This thread is definitely a sign of the times.

Most people now rarely drive manual transmissions, and of course the vast majority of cars sold over the last few decades have been autos.

My first car was a manual, and every car since has been a manual. I dislike the detached level of attention driving an auto creates, folks just aren't paying attention out there in their auto equipped transportation appliances.

Then, when folks buy an exciting, manual equipped car like a Mustang, there's a steep learning curve. There's knowledge to gain and techniques to practice.

I really wonder how many memebers here drive auto equipped Mustangs for the basic reason of having little to no experience with manuals, plus their purchase decision was also based on driving comfort. Let's face it, driving a manual takes effort and practice, and too many folks are used to doing nothing more than selecting "D" and puttering away.

It's pretty obvious that the days of the manual transmission are about over. The automotive market place demands an easy, cacooned, pillowy driving experience. Most folks aren't interested in the exciting, immersive driving experience that a manual delivers. They just want to tilt their seat back and get their drive over with with minimum fuss, whie paying little attention to what is going on around them. They'd actually prefer for their drives to be something akin to nap-time.

Every drive is an experience for me, I get excited every time I walk to my car to head out on the road.

This is why I truly cannot understand buying a car like a Mustang, and getting an really makes no sense.

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