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Originally Posted by careyk View Post
Go to search mustang in Alberta......there is a lady so she says is selling the farm and there is a black and white photo of a lady behind a 1960s Shelby vert .....she claims she is selling the farm to retire and her husband parked the car in the barn in the 70s...she claims it is all there.....asking $1000...............?????? Why does this seem to good to be true the ad was posted nov 26
I'm on the other side of the continent or I'd be making the trip to check it out. It is either a 67 or 68 Shelby Mustang. I'm not astute enough to be able to tell which year or model just by looking at the rear end. Concerns would be the mismatched colors and poor fit of body panels and the lack of tailpipes. The print ad says "30,000KM". Why would there be missing tailpipes and sad bodywork on a vehicle with so few miles? But if you live in Alberta, if you can confirm that it is indeed a whole vehicle that isn't dissolving into rust and indeed is a Shelby, $1000 would be an absolute steal. The matching numbers on the car would be worth at least $10K to a collector with the bankroll to put the car back right. If it happens to be a KR, you can figure a minimum of $20K. If it starts, and moves under its own power, you can add a minimum of another $5K. Another problem area could be the title. I don't know about Canada, but in some states in the US, if the paperwork isn't correct, it could go to the crusher. It would be interesting to see if anyone on the Shelby forum has seen this.

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