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Originally Posted by 2VipeRS View Post
Here is a great article, that includes facts from a lab tested & controlled environment:
Amsoil lab test results • Speed Talk

numbers in PPM (parts per million)

That article does a good job explaining what each chemical/additive mixture is and how it effects the engine, in an easy to understand writeup.

That's great. However, it means nothing if you change you oil every 5 to 7K miles, which most people do. If you change it that often, the TBN can be 8, and your engine will be perfectly fine. You show me a motor head that is going to leave oil (of any kind) in an engine for 25K miles.

That is why I say any oil for 5K miles is just as good. If I were a fleet operator, I would consider doing a small portion of the fleet on the amsoil stuff and take notes at 150K miles and compare.

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