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Originally Posted by magnido45 View Post
There's been a handful of occassions where I was cruising at 65mph on the freeway...only to have to put it into 3rd gear to avoid getting sandwiched or hit by someone changing lanes into me...will this practice kill my tranny? Or is there a better way to accelerate out of a jam?
Originally Posted by Grimace427 View Post
It won't necessarily do any harm to the trans, however I wouldn't recommend it due to the chance it could cause the rear tires to lose traction and as a result you the driver losing control of the car. Going from 6th to 3rd causes a huge change in engine speed which could overwhelm tire grip. I recommend 6th to 5th.
Originally Posted by C Green View Post
I agree on the loss of tire grip..mine chirps when I do it. I have been going back to 3rd on manual mustangs for years, they were all 5 spds and not 6, but when I started driving this new coyote with 6 I just started doing it out of habit..she really jumps with 3.73s at 60 mph.
Originally Posted by 46Tbird View Post
This is something I do every day, either as a way to maneuver in traffic or just something to amuse myself. I have drag radials so I don't know these traction issues you guys are talking about.
Originally Posted by Jazzcat View Post
Dropping into 3rd with the 2012 and prior auto seems to be common practice. Wonder if the tire traction issues still apply. So far I've had no close calls.
Originally Posted by Nibis View Post
I do the 6th to 3rd, but I have the V6 and 2.73's. I can see how the 5.0 and stiffer gears, this would be fun, but could cause a need to change your shorts moment, 6th to 4th would seem to be the better choice for the 5.0
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As per my Technical Specialist, it’s possible to damage the clutch or synchronizer if the transmission is downshifted at too high of a speed. He recommends not doing such a drastic downshift. Instead try 6th-4th or 6th-5th. The larger the change in RPMs, the greater the chance of damage to the driveline. I hope this helps.

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