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Originally Posted by 412horses View Post
I used to watch this show when it was still on PBS. I even used to get up early on Saturday mornings just to see it. Back then I think it was exciting because there was no alternative, as in The Internet.

I watched it again about a year ago and it was about as exciting as watching paint dry.

MotorWeek is so "public access" it's hilarious. I grew up watching it all of the time but after a while I was like... WTF!? It uses the backroads where I grew up for filming in the Patapsco Valley State Park area.

They must use their production crew for a lot of the stuff they do. I remember watching the part where the guy hops in and out of the car, and this guy's hands and clothes looked like he either JUST finished a 2 week homeless stint or he got beat up just before filming. I remember times when the guy's clothes are ripped or straight-from-the-hamper wrinkled, or his hands looked like he brought gloves to a sword fight (for the close up when he works the seat controls), and his shoes are dirty. :nogrinner Dude! You're on TV, man!

Let's not get into production quality. C'mon... a ripple effect transition followed by ribbons? Really!? They could probably get a couple of talented first year grads from a local college to do camera, editing, and production for the same price they pay now and turn out Top Gear cinematography. There are LOTS of super talented people looking for just that kind of job and pay.

I still watch every now and again just to see different cars in action in a straight forward kind of way.

MotorWeek... gotta love 'em. They just keep on going.

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