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Originally Posted by Ima13yrold View Post
Thanks for the feed back they were bought from the same dealer and I wanna say build dates are within 2 months.
There aren't any clicks or odd noises outside of the typical.
But you guys would say by and large the lighter weight is more the "norm"?

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I think the newer the car, the lighter they are. Hydraulic clutches in general are light but my buddy's 2008 GT is pretty heavy. I'd say go sit in a few GTs at the dealer and try out their clutches.

I'd avoid bringing anything into the dealer if it' just a 'feeling difference' because I don't like others driving my car :P I remember for my first new car, I took it in for every little difference I spotted and I don't know if anything was made better. For example my steering wheel on that car was a little off center (NOT alignment) but they realigned it and it didn't make any difference. Turns out the upright 'center' of the wheel on those cars were aligned with the car dash not the driver.
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