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Can Seafoam be a blessing for Mustangs ???

Never been a huge fan of fuel additives, but my recent experience with Seafoam has changed that. I had heard of using it prior with boating, particularly using it at beginning of season after being winterized. I read on another forum about how it helped greatly with older Nissan vq30's, so I bought a bottle poured 12 ounces in a full 18 gallon tank and 4 ounces in break booster to intake line in my 140k mile '99 Maxima aka winter beater and let her set for 10 minutes. I bought this car from the original owner that had every reciept and did a pretty good job with maintenace.

What happened next was amazing, not just the smoke show when I restarted her, but the next day when after redlining it a few times, it suddenly woke up and is a different car. Although the car had not been running bad, it really made the car run 100% better, dramatic increase in throttle response and accelertion. I probably have over 10 gallons of gas/Seafoam mix still in car. I noticed it is still blowing a little white smoke at WOT, I am assuming this is carbon build up. As soon as gas is on empty I plan on changing the oil, although still looks very good at almost 3k miles since last change.

Just wondering if anyone has used it and are there any known concerns with using as directed ( I did not do not plan on adding and to crankcase). My Mustang now has 35k miles so I am wondering about running recommended amount through gas tank alone with several other higher milage vehicles.

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