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Originally Posted by RacingRedGT View Post
+1 to this.

Have you installed springs and struts before? An impact wrench goes a long way with getting the main strut nut off. If you dont have one accessible then you might want an extra pair of hands to hold the shaft while you remove and install the nut. (Thats what she said!) The shaft will just spin if you dont. It could be kind of frustrating.

Dont forget to loosen the brake line when dropping the rear axle. Should be in the write up, but easily missed.

Heres one more tip. When installing that many items at once it is very difficult to tell which one gives you an issue if one arises. Kind of like playing Wheres Waldo when you get some clunks, grinds and thumps.
yes...ive lowered well over 24+ cars in the last 12 years and done many other things (s/c's, turbos, heads, headers, exhaust, full stereos, etc...i was a tech for 2 years as well) ..but the one thing ive learned is there os always something on each damn

thx for the remind on the brake lines...

yeah this much **** and it gets a little crazy, lmao!!!!

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