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Originally Posted by Elite_Deforce View Post
If you don't have the money to dump on it at once, you can't afford it. It's that simple. Some of my closest friends are in your position and I tell them the same thing. Mind you, those aren't Mustang GTs.
most ignorant statement ever!!!!!!!!!!!! undrstand that most successful companies around the world are all where they are at due to debt and them taking out a loan.

taking on a payment you cant afford, means you cant afford it...not any payment.

did you buy your home with cash? very doubtful...most americans have a house loan and a sh-t load of those people have never missed a payment...which means they CAN afford but not all at once...its either rentbor mortgage and where rates are now, if someone is in a place to get a house they really should as a mortgage is possibly cheaper or the same price...

im really sick and tired of people spewing that debt is terrible garbage...if you can afford the payment then you CAN afford the car or whatever your making a payment on.

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