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"Pulled over"....HID headlights "illegal??"

So... I'm pulling into a rural gas station 1-2 miles from my rural house - near Ft. Worth...
Cop car right in front of the gas station, on the street.
I pull up to the gas pump, and cop car pulls right behind me - lights flashing. I get out, in prep to get gas, but address them:
"What's up?"
"Your headlights..."
"What's wrong about them?"
"They're illegal."
"Too bright?"
"Nope...those are HID's, right?"
"They're illegal. Can you pop the hood?"
"Sure...HID's are illegal. Huh..."
"You install those yourself?"
"No. They came from the dealer this way. It's a new car - 6 months old."
(To partner, after briefly examining the installation: 'Yup, they're not aftermarket.')
"What's wrong with HID headlights?"
"Well, the [something about power supply/wiring - didn't get it all - was retrieving insurance/license, etc.] in aftermarket self-installs have been known to catch fire."
"Yours, obviously, are not a problem....really nice car!!"
"Yup - all stock, as you can see. Gets on the freeway real nice!"
[everyone smiles]
"I was beginning to feel lonely - I've driven thru town here for the last 6 months, and you guys never even pulled me over just to admire it!" [me, grinning] [They're grinning back]
"Well, sorry for the trouble - have a good night!"
"You guys, too..." They leave. I pump gas and leave.

Anyone ever heard of power, heat, wiring of self-installed HID's causing fires, etc.???? More research needed....

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