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Originally Posted by AWkonablu20115O View Post
Hey, about 3 weeks ago, I got a notice from my dealership about a TSB. The dealership completed it today.
My wife brought my GT home today.

I went to the garage lifted the hood and just looked. I could not see anything different (of course). With the hood up, I started the engine. I am not sure but right at start-up it sounded quieter. I drove it about 20 miles, and, I could tell there was less noise from the car.
I turned the traction control off and promptly did a 4,000 rpm clutch drop and lit the rear tires up banged 2nd at 6800 and roasted some pirelli rubber hit 3rd gear and burnt some more pirelli rubber. I let off at the top of 3rd. Shifted to neutral and listened.... whisper quiet.
I stopped in the road. 5,000 rpm clutch thats fun. And went through the gears to the top of 4th. Still no noises.
Thank you for the info, AWkonablu20115O.

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