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Originally Posted by NoVA_Mike View Post

Congrats. You paid for your car in cash. Quit talking down to everyone else. The only debt I carry are my car and home... No other debt. My degree is paid for too. I make great cash and I save a huge chunk of it for retirement, and so does my wife. What we CHOSE to have is disposable income for nice things in our house, travel, and a paid for private education for our daughter. Paid for in cash.

Every time a discussion like this comes up you try to roll through like the Pope, bro. Quit turning it into a pissing match and making everyone else out to be broke. Because you're wrong. There's more than one way to skin a cat. There is an acceptable amount of debt to carry, and it varies from one person to another.
+1 some will always look down on others no matter what. Must've been bullied as a kid and now uses his Stang to build his confidence

Im doing what you're doing as well. Payment is $180 but i throw $600 at it every month.

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