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Originally Posted by Vankor View Post
It's true what they say, all the money is in used cars.
It is true. Why do you think dealers get all excited when you are buying AND selling? Two chances to make money off of you or screw you (however you like to put it). No offense to the salesmen out there, I say more power to them. They gotta eat, but so do I. That's why I typically do separate deals. Sure it's extra leg work, but you can keep thousands in your pockets.

I tried to sell a boat last year and to get an idea of the bottom price I could get I went to a few boat dealers and got very similar answers on how badly boats depreciate blah blah blah. If I heard "the two best days of a boat owner's life is when they buy it and when they sell it" one more time, I was going to choke someone lol. I sold private party and got $3500 more than the best offer from a dealer. And you know they would have tried to sell my boat for the price I asked, if not more.
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