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Originally Posted by glock22357 View Post
Let me share some exprience with you.

The standard OEM tires for Brembo cars are awesome, and max the performance of our cars......for about 5-7k miles. There are no tires that will be more "real rubber" than what is on it now. "Beefy" means nothing, the proper tires for your car mean everything. Deliberately trying to "burn them off" is going to do nothing but cost you lots of money. If you are not concerned about money, go for it.

Getting larger (wider) tires, will not help the performance of your car on balance. At best it will create understeer in corners. The very expensive OEM tires you have (and their sizes) were specifically tested and chosen for our cars, for very specific reasons.

Do what you want, it's your money. Just don't think you're smarter than the Ford engineers that spec'd the tires for our cars.

Your OEM tires cost $1600 to replace. If you have that cheese to drop every few thousand miles, keep doing what you're doing.
That might be true for the brembo but stock Pirelli's for the regular GT are complete crap. The 235 all seasons broke loose like no other. I was in complete shock that ford put those on a 400hp car. I changed them within 2 months. Although they will be going back on once the temp stays below 32 or snow is in the forecast.

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