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well one glock22357 they picked the tires they did for ALL AROUND driving. To me I will rather have really grippy loud wide tires and a cheap good high perf all seasons. When going on a cruise or to a track day throw on the good rubber any where else all seasons. And didnt C/D rate the p zeros at 9th out of 9... psh there are cheaper better tires out there... pilot super sports
C&D's test had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Pirellis on Brembo cars.....nothing. Not the same tires at all. That stupid article has given everyone the completely incorrect information, and you're simply accepting the tripe. The tires on Brembo cars absolutely ARE NOT meant for all-around driving. For standard GTs? Yes, the tires are all-arounds, but not the tires on Brembo cars. If you owned a Brembo car, you would already know that.

Second, the Pirellis that are on Brembo cars ARE grippy, loud tires, but they are VERY far from cheap. $1600 a set from And THEY ARE the tires you want for track days, they're meant to burn up tracks just as fast as they burn up themselves.

Are there better and cheaper tires out there? Sure. For Brembo cars, for their first 5k or so? Not better....cheaper yes, but not better.
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