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Originally Posted by Allez Rouge View Post
I'm all but certain he's correct: that the tires C&D tested are the exact same Pirelli P Zeros that are supplied on the Brembo Mustangs, and they did rate lowest of the nine tires tested. Unfortunately my copy of the article is at the office, so I can't verify this until tomorrow morning.

Let's be VERY CLEAR about this, because you and everyone else is spreading incorrect information. You're reading another idiot post incorrect information, assuming it's correct, and spreading it around like a cold.

The tires tested by C&D have NOTHING TO DO with the tires on Brembo cars except a simlar tread pattern and side-wall markings.

If you do not own a Brembo car, have not shopped for replacement tires, not been forced to learn the differences between the 3 similar, same sized Pirelli Max Performance Summer tires that fit on Brembo cars, BUT ARE VERY DIFFERENT, please don't try and comment.

That article is crap, and has nothing to do with the Pirellis tires on Brembo cars, which are very, very specific "Original Mercedes" tires. An owner of a Brembo car could go onto, select the incorrect set of Pirelli Max Performance Summer Only tires that look exactly the same, and are the exact same OEM size, and completely wreck the handling of their car. One must know precisely which tires to get, and all three are very, very different from the tires tested by C&D.

I am not trying to suggest that the OEM Brembo tires are the best choice for every Brembo car owner when the time comes to replace the orignals. But for getting the best performance from a Brembo car they most likely will give the best absolute over-all performance around a track.....for a very short ammount of time.

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