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However they change the 2015..(hopefully not like the spy shots I've seen). We will adjust to it.. I hated the 1999-2004 body style and then ended up buying 3 of them.Although now that I look back on it they were pretty ugly. In my opinion and the opinion of most car enthusiast I know, the 2011-2014 is the best looking and performing mustang since the 1960s. Now the 2015 may come out with 500+ hp but it still will not look as good as a '11-"14. This is only one mans opinion, but the mustang has looked like crap since the 70s and finally recieved the correct retro styling and will probably never be this cool again. Also if they throw some "tuner" 4 or 6 turbo junk in there THIS guy will be looking for a used GT500 for his next car... "tuners" blahhh

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