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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
I got my Mustang back last week in France, and I was amazed as soon as I drove off the port how the french went crazy over it. I stopped in Le Mans, where there is a track and where famous races happen from time to time; almost everyone on the streets were looking at me go by, some young guys went completely nuts screaming "It's a Mustang!", folks were taking photos and so on, it was really unbelievable! Even if I had some good comments when I was in the US, I've never seen this kind of behavior that I saw last week...
Since then, my Mustang has been sitting in my garage, but I'm sure it's gonna be the same again when I will come out again with it.

All I can say is: Ford will make good sales with the Mustang in Europe, if people have other choices than the V8, YerBuddysPony is right. But also if they keep that American look. In France, and I assume in Germany and other countries in Europe it's the same, they don't want a Mustang to look european, one of the reasons the Mustang is so popular in Europe, is because it's a true American Icon. Don't take this away Ford, or you'll screw up big time, and not only in Europe, but in America too.
In my opinion- People in Europe may like the stang but many only few percentage would buy it( rich people & enthusiast?). With the current economic recession & the high fuel price & also I think cities in Europe(e.g.London) have congestion charge for high powered CC cars?

For e.g Mustang sold in Philippines, Japan, Middle east costs more than in the US. In the Philippines- A standard 13' V6 costs 90k USD (Crazy tax, dealer mark up)which only the rich can afford. Also the annual tax for high powered CC cars will be very expensive.
I know US car manufacturer like to sell "mass production" & to reach sales figure in other countries like what the US is selling- Is impossible.

The Chrysler 300C in Asia didn't do very well because the price of the car matches the high specs BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E class. Many 300C in Asia ended as fleet cars for hotels & Limousine taxi.

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