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As a European I don't understand why anyone is considering speaking of fuel economy when considering a mustang? It's as stupid as wondering buying a chain saw and wondering if it could make an espresso for you! Us Europeans only buy the mustang ( we pay close to $60000 for a premium GT today!) not because of its mpg or size or technology. Because of its iron fist sheer v8 power and its mechanics that make you feel the car as if its a part of your body and its
American heritage. We love mustangs because they have always been the powerful getaway car
In every movie. It's always been badass. No European car is ever truly badass. It's just a product of some
German maker who loves spending 100million in research for how to make the door nob lighter. And maybe the cigarette lighter material more green. Mustang is for us, one of the last remaining icon of true awesomeness of a proper car. In mustang european world no one dares talking of mpgs, v6s, in line 4s, ecoboosts.

If mustang ever came out with a Eco mental 2.0 liter turbo, why would I even consider buying one? We only buy mustangs because of its live old school rear axle, lousy manual tranny, and awesome 5.0 coyote engine. It's a big mistake to try to Europeanize a mustang and try to compete with Audi, BMW etc.
so ford!! Please don't Europeanize and eventually rape the original MUstang heritage!
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