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Originally Posted by solidhadriel View Post
I find it pretty ridiculous that cell phone companies run credit checks, just for you to be able to open a new account. I'm sick of the direction we're going with modern cell service. You don't buy your phones, you lease-to-own them, they cost more than a desktop PC, and require "special" plans that tack-on additional costs.

Next phone I get is going to make calls and text. That's it. I dare them to try and bill me for anything more. :p
they rub credit, because your legally binding into a contract and they want to see if your good for it or not...and will either charge extra deposits or if its pre-paid it wont matter...

i agree its crazy what people will pay for thier phone and its service, but we be lost with out my phone and its the only phone i have...i have unlimited everything for 50.00 a month, i always buy my phone on the free deals they my phone doesnt cost me much. also because i live in a good cell area my phone is my wifi hotspot so i run my xbox, computer, ps3 and tv off it and dont pay for it!!!

you want to get phone companies, cable companies, internet companies to not gouge us...we must all collectively cancel thier services and trusr me, their board or directors and top execs will take pay cuts on order to keep getting a paycheck...but until we do that, it will never happen.

prime example of this is netflix, about a year or so ago, they doubled the monthly rate from 9 to 18 (or something)...90% of the subscribers canceled thier service 2 months later they dropped the rate back down, before the company went under...if enough people dont pay it the price comes down, its economics 101 - supply & demand.

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