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Originally Posted by Elite_Deforce View Post
People split hairs, don't kill the messenger. Penny pinchers exist.
i agree they exist and it's awesome for them to be able to do that....but every one i come in contact with that refuse to use credit aka penny always f---cking doom & gloom, when someone talks about using's the sky is falling, don't ruin your life, oh the horror!!!! it gets used wisely is fine and can be a good thing.

if i told you, that i could give you a 100% return on a million dollars in 2 years (and for the sake of arguing, it would be 100% full proof and it would happen), but i needed the money today and the only way you could get that was to take out a loan for 1,000,000.00 and pay 300k in interest, so when its all said and done, you made 700k for taking out a loan...would you not take out the loan?

granted we are talking cars here and there is no appreciation in them, but people who finance them, its their hobby..some people golf, some people travel, or gamble...i finance my car pay my interest on it because its my HOBBY and thats what i spend my money on. To have a car i love to spend countless hours in and gets me to my job where i earn my paycheck...

so i choose to have a nicer car with my disposeable income, instead of spending that on a movie, or a new chair for my house...its all relative, you dont see the point, fine...i dont see the point in hoarding money and driving around a beater car (because outright i couldnt afford a new i choose to pay a little extra in order to have a bad ass car)

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