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Originally Posted by BlackCoyote View Post
I'm usually one to keep my cars looking very stock and very clean, but I'm debating on changing up the front end of my '12 GT a bit. Looking at some grills from AM, I like the looks of the pony delete grill (I would get the upper and lower) but I can't seem to talk myself into taking a dremel tool to my car. Ive also thought about just plasti-dipping the pony in the grill. And ofcourse theres the eleanor grill which looks great in my opinion with some nice stripes but I cant seem to convince myself to put stripes on my car haha. Any opinions? The attatched pic is the front end of my car as it sits. The rest of the car is basically stock except for the staggered chrome Imola wheels and the massive Borla tips.
i just got the roush grille havent installed it...but its the most well made grille ive seen!!

and really not trying to be a d!ck, but your worried about keeping a car stock in apparence and you have the giant blue oval in place of your plate!? that doesnt add up for me...but to each thier own.

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