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LOL... you see how thereīs always fans of each culture in other countries?

I seriously have to LOL at how passionate people get over the 15 model being worse than the current one when they HAVENT SEEN IT or DRIVEN IT

I will wait to see and drive it to see if I like it. If thereīs something that Mustang has been able to keep throughout these almost 50 years is its heritage. Will it have a V8, you bet it will, will it have a 4 banger or 6 banger, the 6 for sure, the 4 maybe. You donīt like the 4 cylinder, then donīt get it, its that simple. Maybe some markets will buy it.

I have lived through many generations of Mustangs (Iīm almost 40), I even love the ones that precede me (64 to 73). Of all the Mustangs generations that have existed, the only ones I definitely donīt like are the 74-78 notchbacks. The rest of them I love them... Iīve lived with and driven a 66, a 84, a 96, 03, an 81, a 10... you would be amazed at how "similar" they are in the way they feel and drive.

I think that if the current model is awesome, I donīt see why they canīt make the next generation better.

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